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       Welcome to the Itchy Kids website. Glad you found us!

May 2014: In Wellington it is getting colder as we head towards winter. This is the time the cold air triggers asthma and dries out our itchy kid's skin out. In my house it's all about inhalers and emollients, emollients and then some more emollients.                   

The aim of this site is to gather eczema related information in a central location and make it available to those caring for children with eczema.

We are New Zealand based and welcome both national and international visitors to this site. We welcome feedback and contributions. Feel free to contact us to make comments, suggestions, ask for info, or just say "hi".  Read on below for an intro, or check out the links on the side for more information

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So, first things first-DON'T PANIC. Help is here, you are not alone. Get yourself a cuppa, sit down and have a browse around this site and the many other sites on eczema and allergy.

The Bad News- Some believe that there is no cure for eczema. As parents we search to find the elusive one “thing” that causes eczema or the one treatment that will make it go away. This search is often in vain and a waste of energy. Eczema seems to be many things to many families and not all of them the same. My experience of living with an itchy kid is that there are good periods and not so good periods. These periods may be hours, weeks or months. The vital thing is parents must never blame themselves for the not so good, the bad and even the down right horrendous periods. Sometimes no matter what you do, the eczema will flare, infection will start and your child will scratch and not sleep at night. Take it in your stride and don’t add unfounded guilt to your parenting and caring load.

The Good News- Eczema can be managed and some kids will grow out of it. Getting familiar with eczema and what eczema means for your child takes some time and is a journey. You can’t know it all at once. Each situation, each flare helps you better understand your child’s eczema. Each good and bad period will give you new information for next time. Eventually you will find yourself an expert in what eczema is for your family. You will spot trouble on the horizon and head it off at the pass or lessen its effects. The good periods will be longer. You will spend more time in maintenance mode and less time in full red alert, battle mode. And yes! you will become less stressed each time you spot your child having a sneaky scratch. You will find ways to make eczema a part of your family’s life and not the focus.

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