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Here is a growing collection of Frequently Asked Questions that crop up on a regular basis.

What to Use for Itchy Kids?????

Itís a question I get asked about a lot. So here are some information links to get you started.  Remember that the sun Ďdown underí is stronger than Ďup and overí so when (if?) you are researching this topic you need to go for NZ or Ozzie research.  

Speaking of research-the tricky bit is deciding on using a Mineral or a Chemical sunscreen. Iíll let you do your own research on this but just want to say that there is a difference on how these two types work and how they look and feel when applied. The cosmetic issue with mineral sunscreens is that they are thick and leave the skin looking white. To address this some mineral sunscreens are made with nano particles and are therefore easier to apply and donít leave the white sheen BUT it has been suggested that nano particles may be harmful.

 New ideas on the most effective and the least harmful sunscreen will change over time as new research is carried out and new products hit the market. Keep your eyes and ears open and check if the source of your info is reliable, after all it is a product that makes some big companies some BIG money. 

If your child is under the care of a specialist physician or nurse you should discuss with them what they recommend specifically for your child as the effects of sunlight on eczema skin may vary from one itchy kid to another. 

The only advice I would like to give is to patch test the sunscreen on your child first before using. You may even be able to get a sample size or a free sample from the retailer. Explain your situation and you may be offered a squirt out of a clean tester to take home to trial. If there is one thing we itchy kid parents donít need, its more tubes of lotions and potions that canít be used cluttering up our already bulging cupboards!

If you have any information to add to what I have gathered here please feel free to contact me so that I may add it and share it with the Itchy Kids Community. 

Cancer Society NZ information sheet on sunscreen

Article on whatís in sunscreen.

National Eczema Society UK Sunscreen Fact Sheet

National Eczema Society UK Eczema and the Sun

Cancer Society of New Zealand suncare and other products

Weleda- childrenís sunscreen.

Ego- Sunsense range.

Nutrimetics - Sunscreen Creme for Children & Sensitive Skin.
One place that you can buy this product on-line Kumfy Kids NZ. This link lists the ingredients.

Rosacea Care. I found this when searching the internet. Iíve not seen or tried it personally. Worth a read and gives a very comprehensive list of ingredients.


Soleo-Sunscreen. Not sure when this info was posted on this site. Here is some of what it says and the link to the page.  ďFirstly for those that have not heard there has been a major shake up in the Sunscreen world as the several Natural Sunscreen brands including Weleda and Dr Haushka have pulled their sunscreens off the market. Due to new regulations in Europe eliminating Titanium Dioxide as a sufficient enough UVA blocker.Ē

Mustela-Baby Sunscreen

Allergy Pharmacy a New Zealand on-line shop that specialises in allergy products. They stock a range of sunscreens for allergy and sensitive skins.


Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen


Making Wet Wrap Garments:
How to do it.

It is  possible to make your own Wet Wrap garments using Tubifast tubular bandages. For detailed instructions contact us.


About them and where to get them

If your child is deemed at risk of a severe, life threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) then your health professional may have recommended your child carry adrenaline. Adrenaline counteracts the effects of anaphylaxis and is given via an injection.

Information about Anaphylaxis can be found on this page of the Auckland Allergy Clinic website:

One way to deliver adrenaline is through an EpiPen. In New Zealand EpiPens are not currently on prescription nor are they subsidised by the government. The full cost is paid by the consumer. So, where is the best place to buy them? I hear you ask. The answer of course is to always shop around and compare prices, but generally the best place to start is with your G.P. Your G.P. can order one for you directly from Mylan New Zealand. This way you avoid the mark-up the pharmacist places on them if you get them from a chemist shop.

Mylan New Zealand Consumer Products-EpiPen and EpiPen Jr

The other cost effect place to purchase is through the on-line shop Allergy Pharmacy who state they don't charge a mark-up.

You can also order and EpiPen through your pharmacist although this does tend to be the more expensive option so it's best to get a price quoted before you order one.

A word of note: EpiPens have an expiry date. The length of the expiry date can be anywhere from less than 12months to 18 months depending on the shipments from the supplier. the current dating for stock in NZ is posted on both the Mylan and the Allergy New Zealand websites so check this out before purchasing.


Chocolate and Confectionary:
Allergy Free Brands

Yes it is possible to buy seasonal and 'every day' allergy friendly chocolate.

Kinnerton Confectionary is made in the Uk. They make novelty a line of every day and allergen free confectionary. They produce seasonal confectionary as well as products with popular children's characters as well as a basic luxury bar that can be eaten as is or used in cooking.
Check out there website for information about products and their Nut Safety Promise.

Where to get Kinnerton Confectionary:
New Zealand:
As of April 2011, The Warehouse, Lyall Bay, Wellington are stocking the Adult Luxury Egg and Bar pack and the Tigger Egg and Jellies.

Check out Allergy NZ Blogspot




Sweet William  is made in Australia. They are a dairy free chocolate company and their products are also gluten, nut and lactose free. Browse their website for the full range of products they produce which include seasonal lines as well as the everyday.

Where to get Sweet William:
New Zealand:
Distributed in NZ by Crombie & Price Ltd
-Products can be found in Pack N Save, Count Down and other Supermarkets.
-Common Sense Organics Shop and On-line http://www.commonsenseorganics.co.nz/

-'Ntolerance  Shop and On-line http://www.ntolerance.co.nz/Shop/Brand/Sweet%20William



Other Brands/types of confectionary
Ntolerance  Shop On-line

Common Sense Organics Shop and On-line:

Horner's Confectionery Ltd
I often find their candy canes stocked in the WareHouse in Wellington, New Zealand. They seem to be Auckland based